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Validasi Konkuren Skala Keber-Pancasila-an pada Remaja Mahasiswa di Jakarta

The Indonesians identification with the Pancasila five-principle values as the country ideology and foundation, are recently continuously questioned by many people. Corruption, violence due to ethnicities and religions, injustice, unequal access to education and health, and the separation movements in some regions in Indonesia are obvious examples of the incidents attributed as the loss of the Indonesians’ Pancasila values. On the other hand, Indonesians are also known for their hospitality, helpfulness, and having high level of solidarity when they are facing natural disasters or in sport, especially when the Indonesia football team is competing with other teams, defending the country. In the paradoxical social situations, this research is held and its purpose is to generate a valid measurement tool to find an index for Indonesians’ the Pancasila-identification. This index is expected to be a valid base for education and social interventions. The interventions purposes are to keep and improve the Pancasila-identification in Indonesians. The measurement of concurrent validation was held in Jakarta with 290 students as respondents. They were studying in different universities and given the reliable Identification-with-Pancasila Scales (Alpha >= 0.7). They are from different ethnicity and religion background. The research found that the scale is valid for the first, the second, the fourth and the fifth principle (r >= 0.3; p < 0.01) by using criteria (gold standard) scale ATGS, IWAHS, SDP and ANES. For the third principle of the Pancasila-identification, construct-suitable criteria scale is needed and which is Nationalism and Patriotism's Scale.

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