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The role of anti-dengue virus NS-1 and anti-protein disulfide isomerase antibodies on platelet aggregation in secondary dengue infection

To observe the correlation between anti-NS-1 and anti PDI antibodies against platelets function disorder on secondary dengue infection.

50 patients with secondary DV infection according to WHO criteria were observed by a cross sectional study. Patient’s blood was collected on day 3, 5 and 7 after fever onset. Platelets aggregation test was done to prove the possibility of platelets dysfunction. Anti-NS-1 and anti-PDI antibodies were determined by solid phase ELISA.

the inhibition of platelets aggregation was increased among day of observation. Means value of inhibition on day 3 is 46.6%, day 5 is 52.5% and day 7 is 56%. There is a significant difference (p0.05).

the kinetics profile of NS1 and PDI antibodies responses, which were detected by the third day of symptoms. Dengue patients’ sera inhibited platelets aggregation. NS-1 antibodies and PDI antibodies might have a role on the platelets aggregation dysfunction; however, there is no correlation between them. It is possible that other mechanism involve in the inhibition of platelets aggregation.

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