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The first report on human cases serologically diagnosed as Japanese encephalitis in Indonesia

Although Japanese encephalitis (JE) virus was isolated from mosquitos in 1974, human JE cases have never been reported in Indonesia in spite of the prevalence of anti-JE antibodies among human and pig populations as well as abundant JE vector mosquitos. In this report, we describe serological diagnosis of JE cases in Bali. Indonesia. using IgM-capture ELISA both on serum and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) of the patients. In the first series of our investigation (Series 1), we examined serum specimens from 12 patients with clinical diagnosis of viral encephalitis, meningitis or dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF), and found 2 possible JE cases. In the next series (Series 2), we examined both serum and CSF from encephalitis patients and gave laboratory diagnosis of JE. One of them was suspected to have concomitant or recent infection with dengue virus, probably type 3. These results strongly indicated that JE has been prevalent in Bali, Indonesia.

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