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Peran Pola Asuh Orangtua Dalam Mengembangkan Remaja Menjadi Pelaku dan/atau Korban Pembulian di Sekolah

Bullying has been a problem that disturbs the students’, families’, schools’, and the societies’ psychological well-being and social welfare. Research findings on parenting styles which may contribute to the bullying behavior in schools are both limited and still contradictory. This research aimed to investigate the relationship of all possibilities of parenting styles and the students’ possibilities of being the victims and/or the bullies of school bullying, with an integrative model. A thorough searching in Indonesia scientific journals has not yet resulted adequate findings, besides the variables attribute found in the journals are still unrigorously classified. As many as 189 high school students in Jakarta participated in this research (Mage = 16.29 years old; SDage = 0.81 years old). This research used incidental sampling technique and the research instrument was translated into and elaborated in the Bahasa Indonesia. The parenting styles variable was classified according to standardized Z-scores and analyzed employing chisquare data analysis technique. The result showed that there was a relationship between the kind of parenting style and the bullying-victimization tendencies (x2 [16, n = 189] = 32.24; p < 0.01). Additional data analysis, discussion and research suggestions related to the research methodology and practice were also intensively proposed in this research.

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