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Number and percentage of people in poverty, poverty line, poverty depth index (P1) and poverty severity index (P2) by province in Indonesia, 2013-2014.

Jumlah dan Persentase Penduduk Miskin, Garis Kemiskinan, Indeks Kedalaman Kemiskinan (P1), dan
Indeks Keparahan Kemiskinan (P2) Menurut Provinsi, September 2014.

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  1. I find the poverty line Rupiah/month/person quite unbelievable! In NTT for example the poverty line is measured as RP340,000/month. Imagine how you can live on this when your water costs alone are half this. This is the case in labuan Bajo where I have just been conducting research. Provincial averages do not make sense – but I doubt they are correct for anywhere in NTT.

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