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Anton Lucanus

Research Assistant at School of Anatomy, Physiology & Human Biology, University of Western Australia
  24 publications    Perth, Australia

Dr G. Terence Meaden, M.A (Oxon) M.Sc.(Oxon) D.Phil. (Oxon), is a professional physicist, meteorologist and archaeologist with undergraduate and doctoral degrees (1954 to 1961) in physics from Oxford University and a MSc in archaeology from Oxford University. He has made significant contributions to research in solid-state low temperature physics (1957-1972), tornado climatology (1972-2014) and Neolithic and Bronze Age archaeology (1981-2017).

Research interests: Cancer Biology, Immunology, Cell & Molecular Biology, Anatomy, Human Biology.

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Isu Etik Dalam Penelitian di Bidang Kesehatan

Buku ini ditulis secara multidisipliner oleh para dokter, ahli farmasi, dan psikolog. Hampir seluruh penulis bukan merupakan etikawan atau teoris etika. Komposisi penulis seperti ini jarang ditemukan, bila bukan tiada,…

Pandangan Dunia dan Perilaku Seksual

There are only a few empirical researches which connect the individual sexual behavior with the individual’s perspective in viewing the world (worldview), although speculations related to that matter have already…

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