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Kompatibilitas Keutamaan Karakter dengan Nilai-Nilai Pancasila: Perspektif Kontrak Psikologis dan Kontrak Sosial

Dalam artikel ini, peneliti berargumentasi bahwa kegagalan (bila ada) dari pendidikan nilai di Indonesia disebabkan karena gagal dipahaminya pendidikan karakter dan Pancasila masing-masing sebagai kontrak psikologis (informal, tidak tertulis) dan kontrak sosial. Oleh karena itu, penelitian ini melakukan penyelidikan empiris…

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Attitudes toward risk, social dominance orientation and perceived scarcity of the opposite sex on Indonesian woman migrant workers

This study aimed to determine the role of social dominance orientation and perceived scarcity of the opposite sex in predicting attitudes toward risks on Indonesian Woman Migrant Workers (IWMW) that will work abroad. The method used for this study was…

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Impulsive buying, cultural values dimensions, and symbolic meaning of money: A study on college students in Indonesia’s capital city and its surrounding

Impulsive buying is an interesting research topic for psychologists and economists for its practical implications in the daily lives of producers, marketers and consumers in the trading world. The topic is also relevant to both micro and macro economy field…

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Social Comparison as a Predictor of Shame Proneness Dimensions

This study aimed to examine the role of social comparison in predicting two dimensions of a moral emotion, i.e. shame, among employees working in the private companies in the Greatcity of Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. The participants were 203…

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