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Intratextual Fundamentalism and the Desire for Simple Cognitive Structure: The Moderating Effect of the Ability to Achieve Cognitive Structure

Religious fundamentalism has been suspected as a product of simple cognitive structuring. On the other hand, recent publications have shown that cognitive structure formation is not as simple as was previously thought. The concept of the Ability to Achieve Cognitive…

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Gendered Morality and Development Narratives: the Case of Female Labor Migration from Indonesia

This article discusses two dominant and contradictory representations of Indonesian female migrant workers: as national “heroes” who contribute to Indonesia’s economic development, or as exploited “victims” of labor abuse. By analyzing public statements by Indonesian state actors, news reports, and…

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Seeking Forgiveness: Factor Structure in Samples from Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Southern Europe

The study examined, using confirmatory factor analyses, the three-factor structure of the Disposition to Seek Forgiveness Questionnaire – inability in seeking forgiveness, sensitivity to circumstances before seeking forgiveness, and unconditional seeking of forgiveness – among samples from Latin America (Brazil),…

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Development and Reliability of the Indonesian Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale—Fourth Edition (WAIS-IV)

Through the years, several translated versions of Wechsler’s intelligence test have been used in Indonesia, in clinical, educational or industrial settings. However, instruments such as Wechsler-Bellevue Intelligence Scale are outdated, have not been validated and lack proper normative data, resulting…

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