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Validasi Konkuren Skala Keber-Pancasila-an pada Remaja Mahasiswa di Jakarta

The Indonesians identification with the Pancasila five-principle values as the country ideology and foundation, are recently continuously questioned by many people. Corruption, violence due to ethnicities and religions, injustice, unequal access to education and health, and the separation movements in…

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Attitudes toward risk, social dominance orientation and perceived scarcity of the opposite sex on Indonesian woman migrant workers

This study aimed to determine the role of social dominance orientation and perceived scarcity of the opposite sex in predicting attitudes toward risks on Indonesian Woman Migrant Workers (IWMW) that will work abroad. The method used for this study was…

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The Mediating Role of Social Competition Identity Management Strategy in the Predictive Relationship between Susceptibility to Social Influence, Internet Privacy Concern, and Online Political Efficacy

There are few psychotechnological researches in political world in Indonesia, whereas Indonesia will enter “Year of Politics” by General Election which will be held in 2014. This research aimed at examining the hypothesis of predictive correlation, at the individual level,…

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Social Comparison as a Predictor of Shame Proneness Dimensions

This study aimed to examine the role of social comparison in predicting two dimensions of a moral emotion, i.e. shame, among employees working in the private companies in the Greatcity of Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. The participants were 203…

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Corruptive Tendencies, Conscientiousness, and Collectivism

This research investigated the relation between conscientiousness, collectivism, and corrupt tendency–which is represented by moral emotions (shame and guilt proneness). The study was conducted on 117 students (76 male, 41 female; M = 18.93 years old; SD = 1.67 years…

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Personality Traits, Sedentariness, and Personal Dilemma as the Dynamic Predictors of Intention to Use Public Transportation in Greater Jakarta

The management of mass public transportation requires the psychology of transportation in order to design and operate a transportation system which suits the social psychology dimension of urban citizens. The aim of this research is to examine the role of…

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The role of psychology in enhancing public policy: Studies on political apathy and attachment to the city in Indonesia

The author conducted two studies with predictive correlational designs aiming to contribute understanding on socio-psychological dynamics related to public participation in public activities. This study applied purposive sampling and multiple linear regression data analyses. The first study with participants of…

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Tourism and water: from stakeholders to rights holders, and what tourism businesses need to do

Water is a human right and it is essential to sustain life and livelihoods, as well as the health and happiness of tourists. This paper examines a destination with ample rain, but rapid and unchecked tourism development: Bali, Indonesia. The mismanagement of water…

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