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If ONE publisher and a NON-JOURNAL publication:

Published by:

SMERU Research Institute
• Think Tank in Jakarta, Indonesia
232 publications
Since its establishment in 2001, SMERU has been a leader in poverty and inequality research in Indonesia. SMERU co…see more

If ONE funder (any type of publication):

Funded by:

• Government Body in Canberra, Australia
• Funded 139 publications
The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (also called DFAT) is a department of the Government of Austral…see more

If TWO OR MORE publishers and a NON-JOURNAL publication:

Published by:

interactive connection

Statistics Indonesia (BPS)
Government Body in Jakarta, Indonesia
3,711 publications

interactive connection

University of Indonesia (UI)
University in Jakarta, Indonesia
1,077 publications

If TWO OR MORE FUNDERS (any type of publication):

Funded by:

interactive connection

Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Funding Provider in Manila, Philippines
Funded 2 publications

interactive connection

National Institutes of Health (NIH)
Funding Provider in Bethesda, USA
Funded 2 publications

If published in a journal, exclude publisher boxes and just have a journal box:



Kesmas: National Public Health Journal
• Published by University of Indonesia
468 articles
Kesmas: National Public Health Journal (Indonesian: Kesmas: Jurnal Kesehatan Masyarakat Nasional) is a pee-… see more

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